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The Medical Providers at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center are committed to taking an individualized approach to pain management providing their patients with the best treatment plans available to meet their specific needs. To better serve the Mid-South region, the clinic offers 5 convenient locations in Mississippi (Tupelo, Oxford, and Southaven) and Tennessee (Cordova, Jackson, and Germantown).
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Why refer to a specialist at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center

Pain and Suffering
Your patient is clearly suffering from chronic pain and their needs are more profound than what may be provided in the scope of general internal medicine. You feel your patient is best served going to a specialist that is thoroughly trained in medical pain management and interventional therapies.
Failed Treatment
You have tried conservative therapies with your patient, but they are not effective.
We Can Handle It
Pain management specialists, like the medical professionals at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, are specifically trained and have the diagnostic tools to best prescribe medication when appropriate, and to recommend interventional therapies if needed.
Red Tape
In March of 2016 the CDC released an article titled “CDC: 12 Recommendations for Prescribing Opioids in Primary Care.” The article discussed the role Primary Care should play in prescribing powerful medications. The healthcare professionals at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can help alleviate this issue by providing their expertise in medication management.
Safety & Efficacy
Interventional therapies are much safer and more effective than medications and, in most cases, surgery.
Drug Seekers
If you fear a patient is seeking medication for the wrong reason, pain management specialists have the software, toxicology, and diagnostic testing to determine legitimacy.
Pain is now
MidSouth Pain Treatment Center understands the urgency of treating debilitating pain. For example, we can schedule shingles and oncology patients within 24 hours, if not the same day. In general, patients are scheduled in less than 7 business days.
Appropriate Medical Management
Pain Management Specialists have the knowledge to appropriately prescribe combined medications for optimal efficacy.
Leave It To Us
You know the liability associated with chronic pain and medications, and quite frankly, it is an area of medical practice you’d prefer referring to a specialist. We can help you! MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can pick up right where you left off.
Best Possible Care
You want what is best for your patients. You understand that certain disease states require the attention and dedication of a specialist. In the case of pain, that specialty falls on the shoulders of a board certified pain management physician.

Our experience with MidSouth Pain Treatment Center has been simply amazing. Our patient's appointments are scheduled in a timely manner. The staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. They are highly recommended.”

Sharvae - Referral Clerk
Bowden Internal Medicine
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