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Opioids Have Their Place, Under Supervision

A recent article in the Sun Sentinel by Mike Clary illustrates the lengths that people in pain will go to obtain relief.  

People living with chronic pain often feel helpless for many reasons:...

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“Smoke Alarm” One of 36 New Genes Found to Play Role in Pain Sensation, IU Study Says

By staff.

The following comes from Indiana University and is based on research published in journal, Cell Reports, noting that genes...

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ASCO's Pain Management Guideline for Cancer Survivors Recommends a Comprehensive Approach

Chronic pain is one side effect reportedly faced by as many as 40% of cancer survivors.  “Many oncologists and primary care physicians are not trained to recognize or treat long-term pain...

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Managing Chronic Pain in the Elderly

As the population ages, the occurrence of chronic pain in the U.S. will increase. Doctors will be faced with a difficult challenge in treating pain in patients over the age of 65. Not only is the...

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How To Lose Your Pain In The Neck in 30 Days

A generation ago, when our parents were our age, the only treatments available to treat their neck and upper back pain were either aspirin-like drugs or surgery. They were usually told by their...

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A Pacemaker for Back Pain?

Have you ever wondered why we instinctively rub our elbow after bumping it on a table? Yes, it makes it feel better, but why? There is some science behind this reaction. Simply put, our nervous...

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TGN) is a nervous system condition characterized by sharp, shooting, electrical facial pain into one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve, a major cranial nerve that...

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Shingles Pain – Are You Getting the Best Treatment?

In years past, all children went through the ritual of contracting the childhood disease chickenpox. In more recent generations, better preventive treatments have been discovered. We can prevent...

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