Welcome to MidSouth Pain Treatment Center

"We tell people they don’t have to live with their pain. We offer proven treatment options,” explains President and Medical Director, Dr. Michael Steuer. “It all starts with the right diagnosis. There is no room for guesswork when it comes to effective pain management. Before founding MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, Dr. Michael Steuer earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan, and completed his Residency and Fellowship in Anesthesia at Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Michael Steuer noticed that pain clinics in North Mississippi were few and far between, and people suffering from severe, disabling, chronic pain, but no place to turn between Jackson, MS and Memphis.


Looking for a solution to your patient's pain management needs? 

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center outlines why your patient should be referred to one of our board certified pain management physicians, including:

  • CDC prescribing guidelines. 
  • Protecting your practice from potential drug seekers.
  • Solutions for your urgent needs.  For example, shingles and oncology patients.
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